Jul 28, 2017 / by Aarti Pandey

The mental aspect of the Folk Fitness regime:

While many are aware of the health aspect that Folk Fitness offers, not everybody knows that Folk Fitness routines are designed for holistic fitness and are led by mental well-being. As a part of our research and study, we realized that in most of the available workout routines, mental fitness is generally overlooked, which is very disheartening; because the mind plays a vital role in leading and ensuring a fitness routine that is rewarding as well as long lasting. The mind needs to be conditioned in different ways in order to get the best results from your workout. It needs to be activated and oriented at the start of the workout routine and calmed down by the end of it. Both of these processes are carried out effectively pre and post workout in all of our regimes. While all of us are aware of the warm up that a body needs to go through, many of us end up skipping on the cool down aspect of it. At Folk Fitness, the cool down phase has rich components of body movements comprising of stretches, specially curated soothing music and a relaxation mantra that calms down the mind and reaffirms the strength of strong resolution as well as happiness. A relaxed and focused mind can attain and achieve anything it sets itself to. Which is why, every Folk Fitness regime consists of at least 15 minutes of relaxation.

Mental health for complete wellness:

Health and wellness should walk hand in hand and should be approached accordingly for anyone to enjoy the benefits of both completely. There is no point in having a lean body with a lot of mental stress or being extremely happy but with a plethora of health problems. A lot of fitness routines that have taken over the fitness world, concentrate on either fat loss, muscle gain or a half fledged goal such as the above two. A goal orientation is quite baseless if it does not include overall wellness and fitness as the actual goal. All of these are short term and incomplete accomplishments that attract a lot of other problems that make your health the collateral damage. “Fitness is not a one-time destination, but more of a life long journey which cannot run its full circle unless approached holistically.”

When your fitness regime shapes your mind while shaping your body:

Our first cue to de-stressing is binging on chocolates, binging on food, consuming nicotine, going on an alcohol spree, or any other unhealthy way that helps us relieve our anxiety. But, did you know that all these fixes are just short term? In the long run, they do more harm than relief and put you in an addiction loop that is extremely difficult to snap out of. On the other hand, exercise has a lot of positive impact when it comes to happiness. Exercise and happiness have a lot of notable similarities: one being, the independent association that both have with a boost to the immune system. The other way that exercise also results in happiness is when the body recovers from stressing of muscles, there is a release of endorphins- gland responsible for anti stressing and happiness. At Folk Fitness, we address the need of overall functional fitness by not just including the body but also understanding the wellness of mind and soul too. We believe that a sound mind, clear soul and a functionally fit body is what defines holistic fitness.