Feb 02, 2016 / by Aarti Pandey

Punjab is acknowledged for its diverse cultural heritage, dazzling farms and vivacious people. Also the plentiful historic sites, great architectural marvels of Sikhs and clash grounds make it an incredible place to visit. Punjab is a perfect blend of history, natural beauty; religion and legendary hospitality. The Punjabi people are well-known for warmth & hospitality. Roam into any village in the Punjab countryside and you will be welcomed with food, glasses full of lassi & milk and they will offer you to stay at night at their place. Adding to the above Punjab is also noted for its exuberant and vivid dance forms. Music and Dance are central pillars of Punjabi culture. Among the different folk Dances of Punjab, Bhangra is the most popular. It is mainly performed in the festive occasions like marriage, birth of a baby or harvesting season. Thanks to the zestful culture of Punjab even non Punjabi tourists worldwide enjoy the spirit of this dance.

Bhangra dance: Bhangra is a traditional and vigorous folk dance performed in Punjab. Traditionally, the people of Punjab perform Bhangra to celebrate the harvest. But, it is also performed on other festive occasions. Bhangra dance is typically performed in a team and involves coordination, timing and techniques amongst various team members. Commonly bhangra in India is followed by the fluctuating rhythm of the dhol, the Algozeh, the Chimta, the Tumbi and the traditional folk songs sung by men & women. The energetic sound of Dhol will make your feet tapping and the delightful sound of flute and other musical instruments work as icing on the cake. Punjabi boliyan lyrics matching to the tunes are such a joy to listen that nobody can stop dancing.

Fitness benefits of Bhangra:  Other than just dancing and celebrating, Bhangra also has lot of significance for health. If you are aiming for a weight loss then there is nothing better than doing Bhangra daily for 30 minutes - 1 hour. The movements are very broad that it helps in gaining Stamina. Squatting movements are done a lot in Bhangra which helps in strengthening of hamstring, thighs and calves. The use of heavy properties like sticks and kirtal act on biceps and triceps. There are continuous shoulder movements which strengthen the shoulder muscles. With difficult stunts and human pyramids Bhangra gives a complete body exercise, as those things require lots of strength.

Lastly Bhangra is an enjoyable exercise with no age barriers.

So what are you all waiting for? Start dancing to the tunes of Bhangra now.