Oct 12, 2017 / by Aarti Pandey

As founders, when we started Folk Fitness- it was not just the idea of extracting the gems from our culture that inspired us to do this, but it was our very own initiative to give back to the country that has given us so much. It feels extremely over whelming when any of the members of our Folk Fitness family end up making a difference to their lives and we are the catalysts that inspire this transition.

Here is the story of one of our Folk Fitness Yuva Trainers- Apurva Avghade, who has proven that if passion and dedication persist, then nothing can come in between you and your goal. Read on to know more about her journey with Folk Fitness.

Apurva Avghade, a 19 year old came to us with a sensibility that is very difficult to find in contemporaries of her age. Coming from an extremely humble background, Apurva has always thought of how she could stand on her own feet to contribute to the family income. She wanted to experience financial independence to take some load off her parent’s shoulders.

When she started out with us, we saw a kind of dedication that only extremely focused individuals possess.  She says that through Folk Fitness her life has changed. It was much easier for her to connect with the concept of Folk Fitness because it is extremely cultural and relatable in its core.

She started her tryst with Folk Fitness as a part of the very first Folk Fitness Yuva Trainer (FFYT) certification batch at Pune. She was immediately offered the batch after the training at BMC Corp in Pune by us. It was during this experience that she completely fell in love with the unique concept of Folk Fitness and decided to become a part of our ever growing family.  Welcoming her with arms wide open; we encouraged and assisted her to go on, and that one batch quickly turned to 8 regular batches. This contributed significantly to her family finances and added to her confidence as well as her identity. Within a year, the timid 19 year old Apurva has transformed into a financially empowered woman and one of the most popular Folk Fitness Trainers!

She thinks, it is only through Folk Fitness that she has established an identity for herself. It is not just the financial freedom that she is so grateful for, but also the respect in the society and her identity that she has made by following something she is so passionate about!

She describes association with Folk Fitness as her life’s biggest turning point. Today, she inspires everybody to dream and to make a mark of their own in the fitness industry. While she thanks us for her transformation, we thank her for being such a dedicated trainer and for letting no obstruction get in her way of success! We wish her all the luck in her future endeavours and wish to see her take the Folk Fit Movement forward!