Jul 06, 2017 / by Aarti Pandey

The First Footsteps of Folk Fitness

The concept of Folk Fitness came about when quite literally- the mind, body and soul chanced upon the idea of combining their love for fitness and culture.  Being extremely passionate about the rich and varied cultural heritage of India, it always bothered the three as to why none of the Indian Folk Forms were used as a core concept of Fitness regimes. As a country, we are always looking up to the western trends forgetting about how much our own culture has to offer.

It was a classic case of “ghar ki murgi dal barabar (a Hindi idiom suggesting that whatever we get easily, is valued at a much lesser price). The very first conceptualization happened on one fine Sunday evening when Ashwin- the soul, went out on a limb and proclaimed that our own Folk Dance is the ultimate form of functional training. The idea of Folk Fitness being a perfect exercise for the whole body attracted some apprehensions but also a lot of excitement from Aarti and Manoj motivating him to further prove it to them.

 After a long duration of research based on science of fitness management, the first routine of the Yuva Training program was created.  After a case study was done on 26 people to gauge the reception and post analyzing the phenomenal response, the first “Make In India” workout routine came into being.  


The Minor Hindrances

During the conceptualization stage, the primary challenge we faced was to make people see the potential we saw in Fitness with Folk. In this gym and cardio ridden world, it was extremely difficult to make people believe, that a holistic workout can be designed using Indian Folk Dance as inspiration. Even, Folk Music was something that we believed would not be received by all age groups.  But, we took it in our stride and embarked upon a journey busting both the myths. Considering the whole project was self funded throughout all the integral phases; the availability of funds at all times also posed itself as a challenge. But, our determination to bring in culture to the Fitness world never let these challenges deter and success at every step helped us stay afloat!


The Beginning and the Current Path!

Officially, Folk Fitness was formed in 2016 but in reality the seeds of inception had been planted much before.   After which, the testing and the copyrighting as the first “Make in India “ Fitness routine was done in  January 2017 . One of our biggest milestones was conducting the first batch of FFYTs consisting of 21 people across 8 cities and conducting it in Pune right before the Independence Day in the year 2016.

We started with trotting and leaving Folk footsteps at Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Indore. Today, we are a proud family of about 260 FFYTS, spanning across 12 Indian cities. We started as 3 individuals passionate about Folk as well as Fitness. Today, we have expanded to a team of 12 professionals coming from different walks such as Sales & Marketing, Research & Development, Training and Technical Support and Operations to name a few. To add to this, we have constant support from vendors and partners in the space of Social Media as well as PR who join us in making Folk Fitness a movement that has disrupted the cultural-fitness space and taken it by a storm!


The Mind, Body and Soul giving Folk Fitness a Shape!

With Ashwin forming the soul, Manoj acting as the executor in his capacity as the body and with Aarti always there as the mind behind our approach, the Folk Fitness Journey became one of its kind. The coming together of like minded individuals really helped us walk hand in hand towards a path that brought about the best of our vision!

(To know more about the role each of them play in the journey of Folk Fitness, stay tuned in to our blog section)


Our Journey in a Nutshell:

The coming together of all the three forces and picking the best that our culture has to offer is what created Folk Fitness and took it to the level of being the first “Make In India” Fitness regime. As of this date, we have come a long way and we have many footsteps to take before we spread our movement. Being a revolution in its own right, we aspire to make our country entirely culturally fit and to show the world, that Indian culture creates its own identity wherever it goes!