Jun 22, 2016 / by Aarti Pandey

Gujarat, also called as Land of legends is one of the most diverse states and one of the major tourist attractions in India. Gujarat's boundless journey from roots to wings is endless with historical cultural traditions commending the elegances of the state. Gujarat is a superb blend of Arts, culture and Lifestyle which makes a space for harmony and soulful well being. Gujarat stands exclusive with Arts as a form of expressions as it is a home to many acclaimed artists and blooming talent modifying the Art world. Gujarat has an impact of enculturation; a culture shared with the members of the society and is adopted by further generation through experiences, observations and instructions. Gujarat is a heaven on earth- where people have peace of mind, are spiritual and live in tranquillity. They are enthusiastic, united and supportive. Ask anybody in the world and Gujarat is the most admired place in the world. Gujarat is perfectly distinguished and well known for its influential traditions of classical folk and music. It is the land of festivals and the celebration is followed by music and dance like Garba and Raas which attracts people worldwide.

Garba dance: Garba is a popular traditional dance form of Gujarat and is performed not only in India but all over the world by Gujaratis and others. It is a circular form of dance performed by a group of men and women on the Navratri days which are auspicious days of Goddess Durga in the winter month, during Sharad Purnima, Vasant panchami, Holi and other festive occasions. The essentials of the dance are singing and clapping skilfully while going round the goddess. The dance in mood begins with beats in slow momentum. As the dance goes on, the energy level of the participants increases due to the fast momentum of music. The music is synchronized by a drummer who stands in the centre of the dancing circle of the dancers. Navratri being a festival of togetherness, people always choose to wear dresses of similar colour and pattern to spread the message of unity. While women prefer colourful and vibrant Chaniya choli, men wear traditional kurtas and pyjamas. The energetic beats of dholi, nagara, tabla and ektaro are such a refreshment to listen that nobody could stop themselves tapping their feet.

Fitness benefits of Garba: Apart from dancing and having fun, Garba has many health benefits too that will help you to keep yourself fit. Garba is an excellent way to lose fat, especially around the belly because of the complicated movements which involve stretching, twisting and turn of the upper body. Some movements also involve squatting, which helps shape your waist and tone your arms and legs. There are a lot of bending movements which includes lower back continuous swinging of arms and fast rhythmic footwork helps entire body workout. It's a great cardio workout too.

The most beneficial outcome of Garba is that it works as a great stress buster. The music and rhythmic movements relax your mind and release happy hormones like serotonin which melts away the stress and relaxes the mind, body and soul.

A garba dance a day, keeps the stress away.