Dec 23, 2015 / by Aarti Pandey

We live in a country like India, which is a medley of culture and art. Though disconnected in today’s age from our rich culture, it is somehow deeply rooted in our hearts that brings a complete sense of belonging towards the nation. We have a rich and varied culture evolved from different parts of the nation, carrying the flavor of that particular region. The culture brought along myriad forms of dance that were glorified over generations. The folk dances of India are vibrant and celebrate the vitality of life.

India is a country where people love to celebrate. We have celebrations for almost everything. Occasions like arrival of seasons, festivals, weddings and much more, invite celebrations with our cherished folk dances.

Apart from merrymaking, folk dances have also played a crucial role in the physical and mental evolvement of the people. Looking back in the history, there never has been a fat farmer or an obese fisherman. This depicts that our folk culture has carried a notion of enduring fitness for ages.

So here we step in with a unique concept of Folk Fitness that upholds this eternal concept of fitness that has evolved from our folk culture. We aspire to build a fitness program that is deeply rooted in and inspired by our Indian Folk Culture.

We have designed a fitness program that is suitable for all ages and for those who live in this complicated world. Folk Fitness is for all those people who fear to commit themselves to boring fitness sessions. It is a super fun and super effective fitness routine one just can’t stay away from. Folk Fitness is a unique cardiovascular, full-body strength, endurance and agility exercise program designed for people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

Folk Fitness connects people to our rich Indian Folk Culture while shaping up their bodies and building up their strength. Folk Fitness is scientifically tested and patented as the India’s only fitness product that is gift to the global fitness fraternity.

Finally, Folk Fitness is for someone who feels deeply connected to the rich Indian Folk Culture and would love to burn out some extra calories while having a lot of fun.