Jul 14, 2017 / by Aarti Pandey

Folk Fitness as a fun functional training workout

Folk Fitness is a one of its kind group workout routine that has culture imbibed in every move. Choreographed while keeping in mind the best of teachings of Folk Forms from across the country; Folk Fitness has a lot more to offer apart from simply retaining our rich culture. Being an ideal fusion of cultural gems from all parts of the country, this routine has been carefully researched upon by experts in the fitness field. Each move has been integrated with the advantageous qualities of Fitness Management to give our country and the world a way to become culturally fit.  At Folk Fitness, we always aim to attain holistic fitness- a perfect combination of Mind, Body and Soul. 

Anybody can move and groove to the Folk Fitness tracks!

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel!”- Kevin Trudeau

As a basic nature of humankind, we end up limiting ourselves with challenges that can be overcome with little persistence and a dosage of dedication. At Folk Fitness, we believe the sky is the limit and no physical barrier should act as a hurdle on your path to ultimate liberation. Here is how our programs are designed to cater to the needs of many enthusiasts who have a difficulty believing that they can set themselves free from the shackles of physical problems that they are facing:

The four main categories of physical challenges that we scrutinized and addressed during the creation of Folk Fitness Routines were:

1.Senior Citizens- To overcome the increasing challenges that one faces with old age:

Yes, there is a large section of senior citizens who can put their younger generations to shame with the active lifestyle they lead. Even so, almost since the beginning of our lives, we have been made to follow the pattern involving 3 stages of life and have chosen to believe that old age comes with a plethora of problems. Right from gaining weight, to losing strength, to developing diseases and dealing with constantly depleting energy, we were made to believe that it is simply a part of the natural aging process.  As this topic is garnering interest increasingly, it is becoming clear through studies that inactivity and not aging per se, is the culprit in most, if not all, types of chronic diseases.  Therefore, Folk Fitness has curated ‘Pranam', a program which is specially designed to make our senior citizens physically, mentally and spiritually active.


2.Physically/Mentally Gifted- To enhance the talent of the ones who are greatly gifted:

While coming up with the core concept of Folk Fitness, we wanted everybody to break free and join in this cultural-fitness revolution without any second thoughts. Which is why, across all the variants of Folk Fitness- Yuva, Nanhe and Pranam, the component of a high level of customisation in intensity and types of steps are trained to make sure that the participants with special needs can take away the best of results from them. The above is reflected in the way our routines have been created and our FFYTs have been trained. As per the condition of the participant, the routines can be moulded for maximum impact without making any compromise on the core content.


3.Injury/Medical Rehabilitation- Ensuring that you are not bogged down by temporary issues:

Folk Fitness Yuva and Pranam are designed by putting in the components that aid in injury as well as medical rehabilitation. The intensity is designed as per the type of rehabilitation, age, and medical recommendations. One’s journey with Folk Fitness begins by activating at the lowest level and then gradually upgrading to medium and then to the optimum level for strength development and to attain proper functioning.


4.Pre/Post Natal- Nurturing this phase of life with love and care:                                                                   

Pregnancy is an extremely sensitive time in a woman’s life. The pre-natal care and the post-natal maintenance end up posing a really big challenge for some women. With Folk Fitness, we aim at fulfilling the purpose of exercise that changes with this time in your life. For example, during pregnancy, instead of working out to tighten up, you work out to loosen up (for childbirth). Folk Fitness routines which are suggested for pregnancy are stress relieving and do not create any kind of stress. In fact, this routine gets your heart pumping, stretches the body, and also helps in managing weight gain that your body is subjected to. Folk Fitness meditation and extensive stretching routines are designed in order for your body to cool down and are perfectly aligned with your needs.

To set yourself in a routine that sets you free!

With Folk Fitness, you achieve an overall functioning of the body that helps you stay fresh. In fact, the routine concentrates on the core and does not blindly follow the trend of bulking up or being skinny. At Folk Fitness, we believe that health can be attained by adequate fitness and only after attaining proper fitness, you will have the power to break all the stereotypes and give yourself the biggest gift of life- Physical Liberation!