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Hamari Kahani
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rhythm and music, for everyone!

Perfect for You

To transform your & other lives through Fitness. Conduct Fitness classes in Gyms, Corporates, Residential Societies, Clubs, Communities and Events.

Mission Yuva

A Fit Youth, investing in "Me" time for their holistic fitness of mind, body and soul.


The routines are scientifically designed to reach and maintain the heart rate for maximum fat burning and high level of metabolic activity.

Perfect for You

To help children of age group of 3-15 to build a foundation for a fit and healthy life. Conduct kids group fitness classes in Schools, Kids Fitness studio, Residential Societies, Communities and Events.

Mission Nanhe

Holistic Fitness Habits for a Fitter Future.


The fun filled sessions not only incorporate physical and mental fitness but also educate the children about the rich and colourful Indian culture.

Perfect for You

To help enhance quality of life of our senior citizens. Conduct fitness sessions at fitness clubs, old age homes, residential societies, communities and events.

Mission Pranam

Energised and Fit Seniors to enjoy life to the fullest.


The routines enhance relaxation, mindfulness and functional fitness. Effective to manage & improve cardiovascular capacity, blood pressure, body weight and joint strength.

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