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Become a globally accepted Folk Fitness trainer accredited by NASM, AFAA, FSSA

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Folk Fitness will help you maximize your business with its robust tie ups

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why folk fitness

Make in India

India's very first Holistic Fitness routine inspired by its Folk Dances.

Rhythm and Music

Signature tracks and music which connects with everyone.

Efficient and Effective

A Fitness routine with holistic impact on Mind, Body & Soul in just 60 mins.

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You will be trained by our Folk Fitness Gurus, experts in Fitness and Folk Dances of India. Each of our Gurus have undergone rigourous training to ensure you have maximum learning & fun.

Inspire and Aspire

Are you proud of India? Our culture?
Be an advocate today of our colourful folk dances with customised routines, designed to help your clients transform!

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Folk fitness helps you explore over 1000 folk dance forms from our rich Indian Culture.


A perfect blend of fitness and culture that is all set to inspire over 1.2 billion people of India.


Scientifically tested and proven techniques that come from over 5000 years of science.


The Yuva program is a functional workout based on the principle of "HIIT" High Intensity Interval Training, to optimize your desired fitness goals. It is a holistic workout catering to every aspect of fitness through Indian folk dances – each with its unique benefits to the human body. As they say “where focus goes, energy flows”, every Folk Fitness session also comprises of meditation enabling maximisation of the workout benefits.

A combination of compound movements including specific muscle groups of the upper body, lower body and the core, each session focuses on attaining functional strength, muscle endurance, agility and dynamic flexibility. The cardio format is designed to reach your THR - Target Heart Rate for optimal fat burning.

Warm up and cool down are a core part of the routine to prevent injuries, this also helps you relax and be stress-free.

After each workout session, you will end up feeling relaxed, strong, energized and happy from within.

Folk Fitness Yuva is your ideal way to holistic fitness.

Nanhe is a low to medium intensity program based on "HIIT" High intensity interval training elements enabling children to utilize and channelize their energy in a positive way.

The use of smaller muscle groups like fingers and wrists enhances fine motor skills and movements for bigger muscle groups like arms and legs which in turn help in the development of gross motor skills. A repetitive approach increases memory and the variation in choreography helps in agility and strength. Cardio movements are used as energy busters to challenge the heart to reach the THR - Target Heart Rate, this helps highly energetic children to release the energy in a positive way.

Each warm up and cool down session include meditation and the Nanhe pledge which help children to be more focused and responsible for their own well-being, aka, health & fitness.

Pranam is a low intensity but highly effective program specially designed for senior citizens keeping their fitness goals and challenges in mind.

Pranam is based on functional and compound movements which help in muscle strengthening and stamina building. An enthusiast is exposed to a lot of movements which are the combination of unidirectional, multidirectional and linear movements making day to day mobility easier.

A low intensity cardio workout helps the heart stay healthy due to which weight, blood pressure and other heart related issue are under check. Focused stretching and flexibility movements help release muscle stiffness and improves joint movement. The cool down session induces relaxation.


About Folk Fitness

Folk Fitness is India's first fitness regime creating holistic fitness solutions inspired by the deep rooted Indian culture.

We use authentic Indian folk music which is recorded in- house inspired by 122 folk dances across India.

We have instructors present in 19 cities across India namely Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Nagpur, Raipur, Aurangabad, Indore, Goa, Chandigarh, Nashik, Kolhapur etc.

We have been accredited by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), and Fitness and Sports Science Association (FSSA). We are also recognised by Limca Book of Records as the only fitness regime with 122 varied Indian folk dances.

About Certification Training

18 hours in person training which is covered in 2 days. Ongoing online tutorials to learn & practice.

In 18 hours we cover the techniques of folk dances of India, body anatomy, basics of nutrition, injury proofing, etc. All the steps taught in the training are also provided as on- going online tutorials which can be accessed anytime from laptop or mobile.

Certified training can attend the 2 day in person training as many times they want during their licence period.

Yes! You just need to have the passion for fitness and embracing the goodness of Indian folk dances.

There are no prerequisites to do the training.

All our trainings are updated on the Website and our social media channels - Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

A Folk Fitness Trainer Certification programme offers you:

  • 18 hours of in person training
  • Online on-going video tutorials
  • Personal account on our website portal
  • Standardized personal creative for social media promotion
  • Continuous support from Folk Fitness experts to get you ready for conduct your Fitness Classes
  • Demo opportunities in gyms, dance and fitness studios, corporates, schools, etc.

The licence is valid for a year but if a trainer is active it is extended for another year. We have a lucrative offer of doing both the trainings with licence being valid for 2 years.

You just need to be an active Folk Fitness trainer who has subscribed to minimum 3 or more choreographies after the certification, the validity automatically gets extended by a year. The other way of renewal is to do any of the other available certification training.

You can attend the next training happening in any city according to your convenience. The training calendar are regularly updated on our website and social media channels - Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Folk Fitness trainers can host training in their city with additional marketing support given by Folk Fitness. Do reach out to +917972351815 for more information.

In case you are not able to complete both the days of the training, you can complete the training whenever our training is happening next in your city or any other city, as per your convenience. You will get your certification once entire 18 hours of training is completed.

Your name will be registered with us even if you cannot attend the training. Therefore, you would be able to attend the next training but will not be able to transfer the registration to another instructor.

Folk Fitness is a scientifically designed workout routine. All choreographies have been approved by fitness experts for injury proofing and for delivering best results.

It is advised to consult your doctor first and then decide to take the training according to his/her suggestion.

You can do the training irrespective of your weight. Folk Fitness training will help you lose your excess fat and stay fit. In each session, you can lose 800-1200 calories. The Folk Fitness routine also helps increase your flexibility and stamina.

Unlike other group exercise activities which are only cardio based, Folk Fitness is a holistic workout routine incorporating 122 different Indian folk dance choreographies impacting each muscle of the body. Each step is scientifically designed making sure it helps in losing up to 1000 calories per session and prevents injury too.

Post Training Support

A certified Folk Fitness trainer can take batches anywhere like gyms, dance studios, corporate companies, schools, events, etc. You can also conduct classes in the comfort of your own home, or across various cultural and community clubs.

Yes. With our partnerships with various corporates, gyms, fitness studios, schools, etc. we provide demo opportunities to our certified trainers to start their batches.

We have a special team of experts to support all our certified trainers with fitness batches with our partners across corporates, gyms, fitness studios, schools, etc.

Folk Fitness trainers can start their fitness classes as soon as they are ready with their practice of the routines.

Payment Details

The payment can be made through:

  • Online transfer
  • Debit/credit card
  • Paytm
  • EMI option available on credit card

Your name will be registered with us even if you cannot attend the training which you registered for. Therefore, you would be able to attend the next training in your city or any other city. We do not have a refund policy.

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